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2-Tower 5-Seat Cat Tree
2-Tower 5-Seat Cat Tree
2-Tower 5-Seat Cat Tree
2-Tower 5-Seat Cat Tree
2-Tower 5-Seat Cat Tree
2-Tower 5-Seat Cat Tree
2-Tower 5-Seat Cat Tree
2-Tower 5-Seat Cat Tree
2-Tower 5-Seat Cat Tree

2-Tower 5-Seat Cat Tree

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The philosophy behind our design is to use natural materials in products we craft. Thus, cat trees you can find on our listings are made of solid wood and sisal rope.

The Cat Tree presented here is really heavy and solid contrary to wobbly ones.

The base is 4 cm (1.6'') thick and really heavy one. Its dimensions are 55 cm (~21.6'') * 75 cm (~29.5''). Your cat really should not be able to fall this tower over while jumping onto it.

There are baskets at the top of each of towers. Basket at the top of taller tower is sisal plaited basket - great place to sleep and rest. The other basket is of octopus type. It offers perfect opportunity to look around. Each of these baskets is really wide, the outer diameter is 50 cm (~19.7'').

All three petal-shaped shelves offer great place for your cat (or cats) to rest or exercise their cat tricks. You can turn them around the scratching post and set them in position you like.

Additionally there is one more big shelf spanning the two towers in the middle of their height. For more ideas and inspiration visit my gallery: https://www.instagram.com/catscozyspace/

This cat tree offers space and a scratching post for your cat. Scratching posts diameter is 10 cm (~3.9''). Scratching posts are wrapped with 10 mm (~3/8'') thick sisal rope.

I made this cat tree of solid wood (the base, the pole, the top platform and both shelves) and sisal rope for a lot of scratching. Materials you see on pictures are natural ones so colours may slightly vary from item to item.

Overall dimensions: width:
- 110 cm (~43.3'')
- depth: 55 cm (~21.6'')
- height: 153 cm (~5ft)
- weight: ~30 kg

On photos above you will see knitted accessories in baskets and on shelves. They are not a part of this listing. Would you like to add them to your order? Drop me a note. On one of photos you will see what colors they come in.

Do you need it in other size or configuration? Contact us, let's have a call and discuss what suits you best!

The cat tree is finished with oil, available in five different wood shades (take a look at photos):
1. Natural
2. Teak
3. Deep Brown
4. Antique Oak
5. Onyx

Not sure which color you like best? Visit my gallery: https://www.instagram.com/catscozyspace/

The assembly process is easy and takes a few minutes only. You will find the tool attached.

Crafting time: 3-4 weeks

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