Cat's Cozy Space offers a unique 12-month guarantee on all our cat trees. No other products are included. Below are the guidelines. When you purchase a cat tree, you will receive a receipt dated with your name and product details. This will act as your guarantee and proof of purchase. Please see below for some advice on how to take care of your cat tree.

The 12-month guarantee covers the construction aspects of your cat tree including the materials used. The issue will be properly assessed by us and either repaired or replaced.

Please note that this guarantee is subject to allow for reasonable wear and tear to items such as sisal rope, cotton rope.

We reserve the right to refuse repair/replacement if we believe a fault is the result of accidental damage.

Cat trees are designed as indoor posts. For a suitable outdoor and weather-resistant post, please contact us.

Please note wood is not a suitable material for extreme changes in temperature and humidity. If you wish to place your tower next to a radiator, in a porch, etc., contact us for a suitable solution.

Beddings and toys are not covered by the guarantee.

Product maintenance and advice

Cat trees may need two people to assemble as they are reasonably heavy. Click here for a video on how to build your cat tree. You will be supplied with an allen key to hand-tighten the bolts in place. Please do not use any power tools to do this. Cat tree may need periodic tightening to maintain its stability. Our wooden bases and beds are made of solid hard wood, and should be periodically treated with a natural oil.

Wooden bases should not be placed near radiators, on a damp floor, or be subject to extreme changes in temperature. If it is the case, please contact us for a modification in the construction and material used.

Wooden parts can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Beddings can be machine-washed at 30°C. Do not tumble dry.

A soft brush, lint brush or a vacuum cleaner will help remove excess fur and keep bedding in good condition for longer. Prior to washing, remove excess fur using the above suggested techniques. Re-shape whilst damp.

Please make sure you lock toys away after use. Cats are very creative when it comes to using toys for other than intended use. Toys should not be left within your pet's reach when unsupervised as some elements can be dangerous when consumed.