Does your cat scratch a lot?
Don't let it ever get on your nerves!

Annoyed by cat scratching?

  • Is your cat leaving traces of activity everywhere?
  • Are corners of your sofa scratched?
  • Are legs of your table ruined?
  • Are you worried about all the other pieces of furniture?
  • Is it getting on your nerves?

Obviously you can't keep your cat from scratching. Still, your furniture has to look good, no buts about it!

It’s hard to teach a cat not to scratch. Scratching is an inborn instinct which lies deep within the feline nature. It is well-grounded psychologically and somatically. So why cats scratch?

  • to get rid of the old outer layer of their claws
  • to stretch their body and exercise muscles
  • to mark their territory

As a cat owner, you understand that it is a vital part of your cat’s well-being, and you would not wish to discourage your pet from scratching completely. What you want to do is to try to redirect the instinct to objects which are bound for scratching.

What makes this beautiful scratcher so functional?

    The base is circular, 52 cm (~20.5'') and 4 cm thick (~1.5 inches). It is supported with four circular legs that improve stability - More about the size in the photo of the base (below). Total height is 121 cm (~47.6'').
    1. The cat scratcher offers lot of scratching surface for your cat.
    2. Once your cat gets familiar with the scratcher it becomes a kind of a cat tree with its little spot on top. Though small, it is perfect for a cat looking for a perch.
    Pieces of the post are made of solid wood and are really thick (diameter 10 cm / ~4''). They offer substantial area for scratching.
    Do you need a cat tree in a different size? Contact us, let's discuss what suits you best! We can make a construction which perfectly suits your (and your cat’s) individual needs.
    Wooden parts of this cat tree are finished in wood oil/wax of teak color. Take a look at the photos to see how nicely it matches the wooden floor.
    The assembly process is very easy and takes just a few minutes. Then the scratcher is ready for your cat.

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