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Set Of 3 Cat Steps • Wall Mounted Cat Steps • Cat Stairway

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Do you want your cats to be fit? Give them wall mounted steps.

• A great opportunity to exercise cat tricks. I have my cats running up and down all the time, chasing one another
• These steps help your cat reach high places (wardrobe, high perch, etc.)
• Wake up natural climbing instinct (tree climbing in natural environment)
• No particle board, ultimately non-toxic
• No brackets needed, no ugly metal hardware

Wall steps presented here are great for all cats regardless of their age. You probably know a lot about cat's natural behaviour... Climbing is one of the cat's natural activity. While climbing cats develop their skills and play in a natural way. Wall steps are a great idea if you want to help your cat reach a high place (wardrobe, high perches, etc.) where they love spending time comfortably and out of reach of dogs or other inhabitants.

A single step is 10 cm (~3 7/8'') wide and 20 cm (~7 7/8''') long. The size is just what cats need - you will see my cats running up and down in the attached pictures.

This listing includes three wall steps. Would you like to add other items to your order and avoid multiple shipping fee? Message me and I'll create a bundle including items you like and need.

Wall steps are made of sustainable hard wood. For the finish I use high quality hard wax oil which is a blend of natural oils and waxes. Oil is suitable for application onto children’s toys thus it is great for pet furniture, too.

Do you need steps in a different size? Contact us, let's discuss what suits you best! We can make a construction which perfectly suits your (and your cat’s) individual needs.

Wooden parts of this cat step set are finished in wood oil/wax of teak color. They are perfectly sanded and look like pieces of furniture. No risk of eyesore effect in your living space. Six finish colors are available:

1. Teak
2. Onyx
3. Deep Brown
4. Antique Oak
5. Natural-Transparent
6. Snowflake white

The assembly process is very easy. Each step is attached to the wall with two screws to ensure stability. Screws for both bricks and studs are attached.