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Two Towers Cat Tree
Two Towers Cat Tree
Two Towers Cat Tree
Two Towers Cat Tree
Two Towers Cat Tree
Two Towers Cat Tree

Two Towers Cat Tree

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The philosophy behind our design is to use natural materials in the products we craft. Thus, the cat trees you can find on our listings are made of solid wood and sisal rope.

The cat tree presented here is a really heavy and stable construction, unlike all those unsteady ones. The base is 45 x 75 cm wide (~17.7 x ~29.5 inches) and 3.5 cm thick (~1.4 inches). Your cat will certainly not turn over the tower while jumping onto it. The base is wide enough to provide stability even if the pole is really tall, without the need for fixing it to walls / ceilings.

This two-towered cat tree offers a lot of space and two scratching posts for your cat (or cats maybe). I made this cat tree of solid wood (the base, poles and platforms) and sisal rope which is perfect for scratching. The materials you see in the pictures are natural so colours may slightly vary from item to item.

Now, there are three spots in the cat tree where your cat can get to:
1. The basket-shaped platform located on top of the higher scratching post. The basis of the platform is 107 cm (~41'') above the floor and the basket is 10 cm (~4'') deep. It’s inner diameter is 31 cm (~12.2''). The basket is woven of sisal rope and framed with two (inner and outer) wooden rings. There is natural sheep wool bedding inside it. Cozy and beautiful - just take another look at the pictures I attached to this listing.
2. The open platform on top of the lower scratching post - diameter 37 cm (14.5'') - partially wooden, partially sisal - who knows what your cat is going to use this place for...
3. Relaxation room for your cat to relax and/or sleep at the bottom of the higher tower. A cozy shelter surrounded by a lot of sisal rope plaiting and cushioned with another woollen bedding. Inner diameter: 31 cm (~12.2'').

Overall dimensions:
width: 75 cm (~29.5'')
depth: 45 cm (~17.7'')
height: 118 cm (~46.5'')

The cat tree is finished with oil, available in six different wood shades:

1. Teak
2. Onyx
3. Deep Brown
4. Antique Oak
5. Natural-Transparent
6. Snowflake white

One more important thing. Both poles, made of solid wood, are really thick (diameter 10 cm ~4'') and offer substantial area for scratching. Can you believe we used more than 100 metres of sisal rope to make all the plaiting??

Do you need a cat tree in a different size? Contact us, let's discuss what suits you best! We can make a construction which perfectly suits your (and your cat’s) individual needs.

Are you looking for inspiration? Visit my gallery: https://www.instagram.com/catscozyspace/

Crafting time: 4-6 weeks

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