How to stop your cat from destroying your furniture?

Well, the problem is as old as the hills. You love your pet, but you love your home, too. Your lovely furry friend keeps scratching your sofa, the legs of your table, your kitchen cupboards, your beautiful curtains… When you look at the damaged surfaces all over your household, you get frustrated. You can’t afford new furniture and you know that, anyway, it does not make any sense to buy new. Your cat will soon do the same.

It’s hard to teach a cat not to scratch. Scratching is an inborn instinct which lies deep within the feline nature. It is well-grounded psychologically and somatically. Cats scratch to get rid of the old outer layer of their claws, to stretch their body and exercise muscles, or to mark their territory. They need to scrape when they are excited and happy, or nervous and anxious. As a cat owner, your need to understand that it is a vital part of your cat’s well-being, and you would not wish to discourage your pet from scratching completely. What you want to do is to redirect the instinct to objects which are bound for scratching.

There ARE special pieces of furniture for cats: cat trees, cat towers, perches, scratchers. Having some of these in your home is as important as having a cat bowl or a cat litter box! I can tell you that, as I am myself an owner of five cats and I hardly ever experience any destructive behavior of my animal companions.

Place a scratcher in the corner of your living room. A wooden, natural construction, as heavy and durable as it should be, with plenty of sisal rope posts to scratch. Put a cat tree in your bedroom, with a cozy basket for your furry one to rest in. Choose a beautiful piece of furniture, not an eyesore to your living space. Customize your cat tree. Match the wood finish to your floor or other furniture. Personalize it to make it fun and safe for your pet. You’ll see how it works! Soon, your cat trees will become your cat’s favorite places to spend their time, relax, and play. You’ll see your life with cats gets easier and more pleasant. You’ll ensure that the focus of the scratching instinct is now on THEIR furniture, not on yours.